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The e-commerce still lifes of leather products for Braterski Workshop ( To save natural appearance of the leather – its unique texture and fringe – the client refused digital retouching on the inception. The exceptions were the cases when the logo stamping needs to be corrected. Dust and grease marks were deleted right before the camera’s shutter click. Texture and volume of the products were revealed through the considered lighting. Tone and colour of every snap I led to a final view right in front of the client’s eyes (due to real time shooting). An image was included in the order after the client’s “It’s OK. Next” only. The accurate colours were achieved by using the GretagMacbeth (X-Rite) technology and the CIEDE2000 standard. There was an unforeseen situation. We spent 16 hours (13 + 3) for the shooting instead of the 9 planned. Nevertheless, the initially specified cost of the order was preserved due to the thought-out pricing strategy. Despite the first long session, quality of the result stayed uniform. The order was completed duly and on time. The result met the client’s needs. We discuss next project.

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