Hands and Faces

The beauty and complexity of an individual through his hands and face. A series of various portraits (many of them are close ones) I have been developing since 2008.

Other projects

Tests. Anastasia M. | VUV Models. The second look.
January, 2017
Alexandra Gerasimenko, 13 June 2016
August, 2016
Historical women fineries
May, 2016
April, 2016
Alexandra Horunjaya, July 2014
May, 2016
Tests. Daria R. | VUV Models. Part 2.
August, 2016
The FALL/ WINTER 2016 Catalog | MEGA Emporium (RnD)
August, 2016
Product photography | Braterski Workshop
October, 2016
Tests. Katerina B. | VUV Models. Part 3
September, 2016
March, 2016
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